Chhattisgarh Online School Monitoring System Balrampur

Chhattisgarh on line school monitoring system have been established across the district .1420 biometric devices (With tablets & SIM connectivity) were installed and functioning to cover all school & hostels of the district.

  • An exercise undertaken by the Education (RGSM & RMSA) as well as Tribal Department of the District, covering entire school and hostel/ashram campuses of the district.
  • The initiative is harnessing mobile technology, on a integrated platform of tablets, finger print scanner and software, to bring about a better governance in the district.
  • Idea is to “give teacher community a fair opportunity and ideal environ to spend their time in schools and teach their students” and rather than “wasting time in doing ‘dakiya wala’ job”!
  • Principle is uploading and hosting profiles of all the teachers, other staffs, students and institutions (school and residential campuses) in a central server.
  • Authenticity is maintained through bio-metric based processes.
  • Every such data originates locally through school and residential campuses with the help of tablets, authenticated through bio-metric device and uploaded the same to the central server.